Does your client buy “Authenticity”?

‘Authenticity is a trap’. Seth Godin

The problem with many marketers is that they keep saying “brands should be authentic”.As a Copywriter, I sometimes get asked by potential clients about conveying that they are “authentic” through their content.

I don’t know about you, but what exactly does this mean?

Maybe I am being thick…

But imagine you went into your local coffee shop at 8am before an important meeting and the barista had a miserable face, started talking about their problems and then asked you about your coffee. (All you wanted was a Flat White with Oat Milk)

This is authentic. Isn’t it?

Once I have been through that pedantic example, a client usually says that they want to have personality but be seen as being able to solve their clients/customers concerns.

Okay, then you can show that.

Remember an important note before you say but “x guru” says that I have to be authentic:


So first understand why you are solving the customer’s problem. Then ask your customers what they want, listen to them and understand them. Through solving a problem you give the customer something tangible. This builds up credibility and credibility trumps authenticity when it comes to people making a decision to buy from you.

Solve your customers’ problems first and they will be grateful.


Any more questions about this topic:

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