Why user experience is the secret sauce for small business?

20181113_150754.pngUser Experience is often spoken in terms of large corporate organisations. However, I believe that it is something that your small or medium business should consider. User Experience is about designing systems and processes that make it easier to engage and eventually buy from you.

I remember doing marketing consulting for a radio station and at the time we would have to talk to local businesses. I remember once having a discussion with a local organic shop and they kept telling themselves that they:

  • Can’t do “x” becauseĀ  “x” has opened across the road
  • We cannot compete with “x supermarket”
  • I went into “x supermarket” and we found out our prices were cheaper

And So what?

What about what you offer?

How are you making it easier for people to buy from you?

As the guide by Which shows, some big brands are not doing very well either. Big budgets on marketing do not always equate to high levels of success. Usually, these organisations have gone through different Chief Execs who have accepted that it is the norm to sign of “x London agency” to do their marketing.

I think that user experience in smaller businesses is the secret sauce.


Small businesses have a great opportunity to find out what customers WANT and most importantly WHY they shop with “X”. This can be done through just having conversations and designing a customer journey map with the customer in mind. Also as a small business, you have the opportunity to test what works and what doesn’t and change it quickly.

Larger companies cannot do this because they have to either get several people to sign off on it or they do not have the nimbleness. Although Amazon, Netflix and several others have their user experience designed that their platform changes to fit you, your personality and preferences.

You are probably saying that it is alright for them.

Yes, but as a small business, you have a big opportunity to understand the client and their tastes by getting feedback on how you can improve.

So make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to give customers what they want.

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