“Get on Stage”.

On the 2nd February 2018 I did something incredible.

This was to speak at my local networking meeting called 4Networking about “How one month in Zambia changed my vision!”.

At School I used to have a speech impediment which made me shy of reading aloud let alone Public Speaking. Therefore I tended to avoid anything to do with Public Speaking until a  year ago.

A year ago I started my journey in the world of self-employment.Self-Employment in the 21st Century requires you to put yourself out to the world.This means doing: video,business presentations and pitching.

Through my Personal Development Group called The Now What Club run by 4 Networking Founder Brad Burton I to the first steps in public speaking by doing personal videos on Social Media.

Speaking to a Phone and uploading it on to social media gave me the opportunity to gain confidence and hone my pitch.

As I started to upload short videos I stopped restraining my personality and that built up my confidence

After a couple of months of doing videos, I decided to put myself forward to do a 4sight presentation at my local networking group in Retford. I also decided that there is no better marketing opportunity that to get up on stage.

Was I ready? Of course not.

However in order to grow,sometimes you have to commit to a goal before you are ready.

I committed to doing this presentation on the 2nd February and I practiced in front of my African mother (who is one of my greatest supporters but also very honest).

The day finally came and  guess what?

It went well!

I really enjoyed it

Was it perfect? No,it wasn’t but if I waited for it to be perfect I would not have done it.

I believe that when you want to do something,you have to make a commitment to yourself in order to make a change in your life.

Four Tips I have learned from this:

1.Decide what you want to do.

2.Put a date to it.

3.Make a Commitment.

4.Do it


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